Get nbPython

There are four ways you can install nbPython support for NetBeans IDE:
1. For NetBeans IDE 8.1, It's in the IDE! Invoke Tools->Plugins, check the "available" list for Python!
2. For NetBeans IDE 8.0.2, see Geertjan's post on using Python in Netbeans 8.0.2
3. For those technically inclined (and who isn't!), you can build nbPython from source.
4. If you use a recent (after 8.1 was released) Development distribution of NetBeans IDE, you can use the plugin from Development; See How to install the development update center, and then...

CAUTION: Option #4 REQUIRES using a development release. See Help->About if you're not sure.
Using a production release with a development plugin will surely ruin your installation!

A. From the Plugins Dialog, (from Tools->Plugins), click the "Settings" tab (at the top of the dialog).
B. Tick the check boxes so that "Dev" (or whatever name you gave it) is the only one selected.
C. Next, click the "Available Plugins" tab (at the top of the dialog).
D. Find "Python" in the list of Available Plugins, and tick the box next to it so a check mark appears.
E. Click the Install button.

WARNING: Option #4 uses a development plugin. Backup your production code, etc. before using it; whatever you need to do to mitigate any potential DATA LOSS that may or may not occur.
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